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Cargo Security


Cargo Security provides customized security solutions for domestic and international distribution flows of valuable goods and/or risky cargo. We offer emergency response services with regional support and professional staff throughout Europe.

In order to help companies manage and improve the distribution of valuable goods, S4C mainly focuses on security solutions for the entire supply chain tailored to the needs of each customer. Our 20 years of experience and expertise enable us to identify risks and implement effective security solutions that comply with international standards in the cargo security industry.

Based on a preliminary identification of threats and vulnerabilities, we offer our clients a full range of security services with industry-leading technologies, products and professionals. While no single solution will stop all criminal activity directed at valuable or risky cargo, our program ensures optimal protection of your assets and property against theft or loss.


“Cargo Security.”


Safety and security begins with a risk assessment. Each situation depends on the circumstances and there is no one-size-fits-all approach. In consultation with the client, appropriate measures are taken to minimize and control risks in the event of an incident.

To ensure optimal protection, official procedures and emergency plans should be considered as important as the safety measures in place. We will help you minimize potential hazards and integrate security protocols without compromising the efficiency of your business.

S4C will provide you with proactive business consulting in the field of domestic and international transportation and logistics. By conducting an Internal Security Audit our experts will examine all aspects of security within your company.

During such an audit the relevant international industry standards are applied and our audit report and expertise can support and prepare you to achieve international supply chain security standards such as ISO 28000/28001 or TAPA (Transported Asset Protection Association). We will be happy to answer your questions and guide you through this process.

Stock Security


Our services include specialized and customized security solutions that offer optimal supply chain protection. Our experience extends from transport escorts in marked and/or unmarked vehicles to 24x7 follow-up throughout Europe and much more. Together with our partners we provide national and international escort services. Our core business depends not only on the physical escort of vehicles, but also on extensive research prior to transport. We examine risk spots, safe and unsafe parking lots, suitable gas stations, GPS/GSM “dark” spots, road works and emergency services.

Security Interventions


Many times, you may need to distribute your product to the marketplace by relying on trusted logistics companies. Sometimes, however, those doing the work on behalf of your supplier, or other members of the distribution chain, are not bona fide and may divert some of your cargo to feed the parallel market. Multinationals and big brands already rely on S4C to control and track high-value shipments, so they can avoid losing parts of their cargo and therefore revenue.

Static/Dynamic Protection

The presence of static security guards plays an important role in securing a valuable item. Whether you are looking to secure your warehouse, control access, or implement new solutions, our qualified partners will help you maintain and improve the security of a site, such as with:

Guardian Services;
Granting access only to authorized personnel;
Dual role security services (armed and unarmed);
Performing tasks such as gate and vehicle control, as well as static security, where a guard will remain on site at designated times;
Mobile patrols;
Efficiently patrolling your premises at each set time frame, they will patrol all accessible areas and checkpoints to make sure the site is free from intrusion.

Unfortunately, crime on roads and highways is on the rise. Tempted by trucks that generally display their goods openly on the side as advertising, criminals are striking more often and with increasing violence. Solving this logistical security problem is our core business.

High security standard transport

Transportation with a high security standard, particularly for the ICT, tobacco and pharmaceutical industries, requires secure transport solutions that bring your valuable, low-cost products across Europe. But high-risk documents and other industrial goods also deserve the highest priority in secure transportation.

The right medium for the right value

The primary goal of S4C’s approach to safe transportation is to use and have you use vehicles that match the quality and quantity of your valuable transportation. With a proper transport unit, you streamline your transportation costs, but this approach is also a successful diversion aimed at fooling the highway criminals who are becoming more daring. In addition, smaller transport units can be driven longer than traditional trucks and, often, it’s when the driver stops that crooks strike. In short, a second chance to lessen the chances of a robbery.

Autisti di sicurezza addestrati e certificati

Specialized security transports are based on uncompromising cooperation between man and equipment.

With the help of small, inconspicuous transport units, we bring your high-risk products to any location in Europe, complete and intact.

Drivers who effortlessly combine driving and safety and consider your precious cargo as the most valuable property.

Technology at the service of your precious transport

Use the latest resources to make your transportation secure. Examples include advanced GPS solutions and tracking and tracing equipment that can report the status of your important transportation at any time. S4C can boast of agreements with recognized, high-quality international control rooms, with support centers in more than 17 countries in case of emergencies.

Media Monitoring

Through our partners, we offer sophisticated emergency response services through our 24/7 Alarm Monitoring and Intervention Center. GPS tracking and tracing allows us to monitor vehicles, containers and valuable cargo with the utmost accuracy.
We are able to offer active/passive monitoring solutions that provide organizations with complete cargo transparency and supply chain integrity from origin to destination with agreed and planned route control, rest breaks and overnight parking.
Using the Asset Monitoring Portal, you can actively monitor your cargo at any point in the supply chain or intervene only when an alert is generated by the Customer or the Customer’s driver.