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We offer design, installation, maintenance and verification services of Security Systems and Video Surveillance Systems for companies, businesses and individuals.
We specialize in the design and implementation of burglar alarm systems, alarm systems, and video surveillance systems, access control, automation and barriers to meet any need, demand and level of security.
We guarantee a “made to measure” service that consists of an accurate system analysis for the modeling/design of the system, the installation of the security and video surveillance systems, the chaining of the equipment, the on-site testing and finally, the periodic monitoring through technical assistance guaranteed 24 hours a day, in accordance with the industry standards.



  • Video Surveillance and Supervision Systems: we install professional video equipment to ensure maximum security of both small and large structures/plants/buildings, using booths equipped with dedicated monitors. All managed by a supervision system conceived with the aim of providing a single platform for the management of various applications and devices in the world of security and automation, able to offer to each user an immediate, flexible, interactive, clear and dynamic experience, perfectly adapting to different application fields, operator requirements and operating environments. The graphical interfaces are specifically designed to make every operation extremely simple, from video evidence retrieval to direct management of alarm events (whether generated by an intrusion or fire alarm system), video analysis or access control.
  • Anti-intrusion and Alarm Systems: this type of equipment is able to protect people and property from unauthorized entry.
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Simply installing cameras is not, in itself, synonymous with real security. It is important that the cameras can record in the dark or in the sun, allowing you to see details of the footage (labels, faces, license plates), high-definition details and any tampering, which are clearly visible even in the dark or shadows.

To meet any need we offer digital video recorders, hybrid and nvr to capture images of any kind, as well as local display on the monitor, viewing images from your PC or smartphone, automatic network transmission of images when the alarm is triggered.We also take care of all aspects of compliance for compliance with current regulations in terms of privacy and other applicable laws on the subject.



We design, manufacture and install cutting-edge solutions for the protection of sensitive areas from the risk of intrusion. The system involves the installation of motion detectors on the entire internal perimeter of the structure, in order to cover all possible access points considered critical to the risk of intrusion.



SPedestrian and Vehicle Access Control Systems

Be it airports, shopping malls, hospitals, hotels, ports, stations or multi-purpose centers.

We support you in finding the best solution for parking management of manned and unmanned access through customizable parking access systems.

We supply and maintain parking automation systems, pay parking management equipment and access control systems, through planned interventions and specific design with simple and robust systems for effective and reliable automated parking management. Vehicular access control systems, proximity cards, magnetic and microchip cards.





Security is a necessity, an indispensable asset and a right, which is why it is important that everyone has the opportunity to feel protected and safeguarded at all times of life and in every situation.


Our company is a dynamic and modern reality that to complete the range of services offered also dealswith fire safety services offeringfirst aiders for public bodies, companies, hospitals, state and private companies..


The service offered includes the supply, installation, management and maintenance of fire prevention products within working areas, such as offices, stores, meeting rooms, workshops and a specialized fire surveillance service in case of demonstrations or events where a large number of people and a risk to people’s health is expected.


Our service of FIRE SAFETY AND FIRST AID: a service of quality and professionalism in the field that is performed with the utmost scrupulousness, devotion and passion.


Our operators are in possession of certifications and certificates of competence to carry out this type of risky activity, and they are constantly trained through specialization and refresher courses. In addition, they are qualified to provide first aid in accordance with current legislation. The fire safety service is designed primarily for: fire protection systems for companies, large warehouses, underground parking lots, hospitals, hotels, schools, theaters, cinemas or museums, for sports activities, both outdoors and indoors, trade fairs and fairgrounds, large-capacity premises; Outdoor areas set up for shows or concerts.