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Course Description

The course will train a professional figure who has the knowledge and practical skills to carry out control services and reflects the provisions of the Decree issued on August 8th, 2007 (attach. B article 3) of the M.D. Ministry of the Interior issued on October 6th, 2009, concerning the personnel responsible for control services.

Regulatory area – this area will look further into:

  • Regulatory profiles and duties of a steward
  • Regulations concerning the prevention and fight of violence in stadiums
  • Organization of stewards


Public order area – specialized on the area of public order:

  • Public-safety authorities
  • Issues related to the government and the management of public order
  • Role and duties of the Operating Safety Management
  • Guidelines for the management of the building
  • Guidelines for safety management in the building where the stewards operate
  • Basics of English Language concerning the management of visitors during international events


Safety area – topics to be discussed:

  • Fire-prevention activities
  • Sport facilities management
  • Overview on quick response management
  • Overview on the techniques concerning mass management


Psychological-social area – topics to be discussed:

  • Awareness of self and his/her own professional role
  • Awareness of the world of supporters
  • Social psychology
  • Acceptance of diversities, conflict management
  • Service-and-communication orientation
  • Basic notions in handling differently


Technical area – this area is specific to each plant and must take into consideration:

  • Knowledge of the structure
  • Strategies to implement the plan for Safety maintenance and organization of the area close to the stadium.