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Information is the most important thing. We protect your market position by predicting leaks and uncovering your weaknesses.


Gathering information on business processes and procedures to learn more about what is going on, or to gain insight into the real intentions of the other party in a negotiation or contract, is certainly very important, so as to get a clear picture of the situation and make the best possible decisions. Thanks, also, to the knowledge of the financial position, the links with third parties, the strengths and weaknesses. We share the targets and take care of the rest.


Those who owned it were rich. After the Industrial Revolution, factories and manufacturing mattered, and America assumed world leadership. Industrialists were rich. Today, information matters: whoever owns the most up-to-date information is rich.”


In order to share responsibilities and maximize profits, firms often outsource some services to specialized firms or cooperatives. The outsourcing of work is advantageous for the company, but it implies the need for control over these external realities. For this reason S4C supports clients with its best experts who, introduced with the right systems and methods, will be able to give an internal snapshot of the company and its workflow, thus favoring the improvement of the organizations and increasing profits.

Fight against parallel markets

Many times, you may need to distribute your product to the marketplace by relying on trusted logistics companies. Sometimes, however, those doing the work on behalf of your supplier, or other members of the distribution chain, are not bona fide and may divert some of your cargo to feed the parallel market. Multinationals and big brands already rely on S4C to control and track high-value shipments, so they can avoid losing parts of their cargo and therefore revenue.


Alteration of trademarks and patents

Creating, registering and defending a trademark or a patent is of vital importance for those companies that profit from their work of genius or their brand, but it can happen that an unfair competition, a supplier or a client can reveal some important company secrets more or less intentionally. S4C works to prevent this inconvenience, providing a support and prevention service, aimed at discovering possible flaws in the company organization, in the flow of production and distribution of products and ideas that must be subject to appropriate protection.

Unfair Competition

Your competitors can gain advantages by acting unfairly toward you. They can steal trade secrets, bribe your employees and act fraudulently against your company.

You can react and defend yourself through the support and professionalism of our employees.

Partner disloyalty

The firm is often seen as a boat on which everyone rows forward to make progress and achieve results, but when a partner takes the decision to sabotage joint initiatives, to benefit himself or the competition, a series of negative events can occur that can sink the firm. This is why it is important to engage the support of specialists in order to identify the bad faith of a partner and prevent and contain possible damage.

Debtor solvency

When a debtor delays payments or shirks his obligations, he may be concealing serious financial distress or hiding his profits in order not to pay.

Before resorting to legal action, which often does not lead to obtaining the full amount due, it is better to get support from those who are able to verify the sources of income of a company. Only in this way will it be possible, in the legal phase, to point in the right direction and obtain the best possible result.

Environmental remediation

It is possible, through specific modalities, to intervene in the environments in which you live and work in order to achieve the necessary tranquillity and security to avoid that someone could listen, even if not present, during your meetings and/or phone calls, so that the right confidentiality is always assured.


Shrinkage has always been an important problem, both for the small trader and for the well-known and organized chain.

For this reason we are able to offer, to our customers, control systems with personnel qualified to carry out surveillance and deterrence services.

Unfaithful Employee

When the relationship with an employee sours and he decides to resign, he can take with him valuable information about the procedures and secrets that keep the business of a company going: the real added value.

Often, however, trust is not enough as the only business defense, and it is to avoid this that we can help you prevent these situations with targeted and effective systems and checks, which can also be used in the legal phase to assert their rights.


Absence from work is a right of the employee in case of illness, accident or family problems, regulated by the institutions and the law.

However, if an employee abuses this right, it can become a problem for the company, which often does not have adequate tools to defend itself.

Abuse of permits under Law 104

Law 104 of 5 February 1992 represents a great social achievement to allow relatives of disabled people to obtain special permits.

The employer is obliged to grant exits and absences justified by the exceptionality of the situation, but in some occasions it is possible that the employee abuses this right or takes advantage of it, committing, moreover, a crime.

False Injuries and Disability

The employee who cannot work because of an injury or illness has every right to spend his convalescence in the best way possible; however, those who abuse this right with false injuries or indispositions create enormous damage to the company and also to the workers who really need this social tool.

For this reason it is important to be able to support, in the right ways and with the right systems and skills, companies that suspect fraudulent situations.