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Company Security

The security aspects of business are topics that cannot be taken lightly. The potential for risk is often very high, because problems arising from logistical organization, outsourcing of services and the presence of employees to be protected and controlled, buildings and warehouses to be monitored, access to be managed and risks to be prevented are not often taken into account.
S4C helps companies to keep a vigilant and careful approach to the sources of risk, to prevent problems and economic losses related to these factors, and supports the company in making strategic choices by recommending the safest way or the most reliable tools.


Audit Services

Supply Chain Control

Is your company and business information and processes with companies involved in your supply chain adequately protected? Are your facilities, offices and warehouses, safeguarded against breaches and sabotage? S4C can help you reduce the flaws in your business and create response plans to avoid or limit damage, disruption, or theft of information and assets.

Provider Activity

How aware are you of your network of collaborators and/or suppliers? Are you totally confident that their actions are transparent and trusted? Companies have outsourced many business functions, but it is becoming increasingly common that these suppliers/partners, due to a lack of attention to security, can become real holes in the business organization. S4C offers companies the ability to monitor, evaluate and support the work of these suppliers/partners.

Security Management

Security Manager

The attention paid over time to the issue of security has led to the creation of expert and certified professionals in security management to prevent and intervene promptly in risk situations: the Security Manager.
S4C offers companies the opportunity to hire one of our certified consultants to have a quality service aimed at preparing company security protocols and monitor their application.

Travel Security

Business trips that companies have to organize for their employees are the order of the day, but for those companies that for business have to travel to dangerous territories and where the threat is constant, a study of the location, social movements, ordinary and extraordinary weather conditions is required, so as to minimize the risk of inconvenience. S4C analyzes the situations in the regions of the world in which the company operates, and documents the percentage of risk that can be measured, so as to advise the company on the best solutions to undertake. READ MORE

Loss Prevention

The retail market has developed practices to safeguard its profits by preventing losses, such as theft, tampering, loss and damage. S4C, thanks to the experience gained over time, is an expert in these practices, being able to combine activities with men in the field and technological systems.

Risk Management

What are the risks your business may face? Security risks? Logistics and procurement risks? Environmental risks? Public health risks? And for each of these issues, does a response plan already exist? S4C develops operational plans and protocols to act promptly in the event of a large or small crisis.
When prevention is not possible, it is always better to have a ready and defined emergency plan.

Risk and Gap Analysis


 Having an assessment with an analysis of the risks that can be incurred during the course of an event, is now a practice in order to be able to implement a response plan and organize appropriate personnel to manage the various risk situations. S4C supports event organizers by providing detailed analysis and protocols for responding to the risks that may be encountered.


Escort Services and Global Protection

Important guests need special and personalized attention, for this reason we offer an escort service to meet the needs and requests of your guests.
S4C can provide its staff to provide welcome and security and facilitate the movement for a service tailored to every need.
For the most demanding clients, S4C also offers a short term car rental service with security drivers with specialized operators able to guarantee the safety of the movements ensuring an exclusive and personalized service.

Luggage and cargo screening

The screening of large quantities of personal effects or goods is of paramount importance and thanks to state-of-the-art facilities and screening systems, S4C is able to provide screening services in full compliance with national and international security programs.
The screening services are operated throughout the country thanks to x-ray machines that can provide a double view of the objects, guaranteeing faster screening times and better image quality.
X-ray screening systems are supported by chemical detection systems, used to detect possible explosive materials: these systems include table-top and portable instruments that are used in case x-ray screening is not applicable, in compliance with current safety regulations.


Today the grace and elegance of the operators involved in the management of an event is an important and useful element, but it is even more so if they speak several languages, are able to welcome a client or manage the crowded environments.

S4C is able to provide qualified personnel, with mastery of various languages, interpersonal skills at all levels and problem solving.